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Dear Jerry,

I am writing to you to clear a few things up.

First off, you were quoted as saying that I promote a lifestyle that goes against your beliefs. If promoting peace and acceptance is wrong, then I don't want to be "right".

It seems like you think I have a gay agenda, but I am not a gay man, although I have been reading about sexuality, and think that I might be a lesbian, because I like to do all of the things that lesbians do.

Now you seem to have trouble understanding the Bible. Let's clear things up here. In Exodus 31:15 it says to kill anyone who works on saturday (the sabbath). This is in the bible. There are three explanations for this:

1. God wants us to kill anyone who works on saturday.

2. God wanted us (at some point in time) to kill anyone who works on saturday.

3. The bible was written by men to control the behavior of others.

Guess which one is the choice of most Americans?


It's choice #3. Most Americans do not believe that the Bible is the literal word of God.

The second largest and fastest growing religion in the U.S.A., is not a religion at all, it's the belief system that I call "JustGod", aka "BIG".

Second only to Roman Catholicism are the "BIGs" Believers in God, and God only. You claim that religious morality will cure our problems, but religion is the CAUSE of most of our problems.

Let's look at a country where religion is enforced by the government..yes Afghanistan where under the deeply religious Taliban, adult male Muslims were jailed for not wearing a beard. Is this some kind of wicked primitive religion? Actually it's from Biblical law!

You and your hate preacher buddies Franklin Graham, and Pat Robertson would like us all to believe that Muslims are following an evil doctrine that they themselves created.

Wrong again Jerry!

I'm sure you know this, and don't ever mention it, but Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have the same foundation. Yes the Old Testament was the law of the ancient Jews, later Christians added the "New" testament to create their Bible, and Islam is a religion based on God confirming most of the Bible.

So the beard thing comes from YOUR Bible, Leviticus 21:5.

Why are believers in God such a large group? They can see the pain and suffering that your religion inflicts on the world on a daily basis, and they KNOW that God does not hate or punish people.

Over $10 billion dollars a year goes to pay for religion. That includes oil changes on the popemobile, rent for TV studios (for guys like you), books, tapes, and brochures telling us what we ALREADY KNOW.

If these good intentioned people gave the same $10 billion a year to the homeless and hungry, there would be no homeless & hungry.

GOD LOVES US, and he hates religion. It is the only thing that is a barrier to God's love.

You see Jerry we are all born with a loving relationship with God, but as young people, many of us are taught to worship religion instead of God.

You quote the Bible a lot, but you have never really read the Bible, you can't. The original Bible was written in ancient Hebrew, and other languages with different contexts than today. God is not stupid, he would not give us written laws. Look at the hundreds of Christian, Muslim and Jewish denominations all arguing (and sometimes killing each other) over which of their interpretations of the Bible, Torah, and Koran are correct.

Since this letter is written to you, but read by the thousands who are coming to this site every week, I wish to share this message with my visitors.


If you worship God without religion, you're in good company. Over 30 MILLION Americans are BIGs! Believers in God without religion. You're #2 and growing fast.

Imagine what would happen if tomorrow, the entire planet woke up and stopped worshipping religion.

The parents who withhold medical care from their sick children based on religious beliefs would provide the medicine that God has given us to cure them

The abortion rate would go down 50% because birth control would be available to all who wanted it.

Every economy would boom with the extra money that would no longer be needed for defense of religious wars. Ours included.

You get the picture.

This is not a dream, but a growing reality, because every day a new BIG is born, and has a chance to stay a BIG.

One of our Nation's greatest role models, former President Jimmy Carter left his religion the Southern Baptist Convention to send a message that HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE!


Gary Cohn, Founder

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